Fantasy Town udgives den 18. juli

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Fantasy Town udgives den 18. juli

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Så kom udgivelses datoen på Fantasy Town. Sæt X i kalenderen den 18. juli for der lander spillet til iOS og Android. Læs mere om det her:

gamigo is announcing its new mobile farming simulation game – Fantasy Town – will launch on iOS and Android on July 18, 2022.

Fantasy Town stars players as the reluctant Lord of Arsendal who are trying their best to get away from being the town’s leader. Players are pulled into a wide variety of tasks that help the town flourish including tending crops, building new structures, making citizens happy, and many more. All the while learning more about Arsendal’s history, including its previous Lord – your father.

In addition to its farming game mechanics, Fantasy Town also features a mixture of RPG, adventure, and exploration. Future Lords can expect to fight troublesome Trolls, level up their townsfolk to be more effective warriors or crafters, expand their town boundaries, explore new and exciting dungeons in search of rare resources, and much more. Special events will also be held regularly in-game that rewards players after taking part in several minigames, including puzzles and runners.

Players can also work together by adding friends and/or creating guilds to help each other take care of their towns while they are away. Put out fires, rescue plants from storm clouds, and defend their towns from a myriad of monsters, including krakens. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, and in Fantasy Town, everyone can get by with a little help from their friends.
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