Forudregistrer dig til Fantasy Town

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Forudregistrer dig til Fantasy Town

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Hvis du er en af de mange der skal spille Fantasy Town, så kan jeg fortælle at der er åbnet for forudregistreringerne allerede nu. Læs om det her:

gamigo is pleased to announce pre-registration for its new mobile simulation farming game – Fantasy Town – is now available on Google Play and its official website. Players can pre-register to experience the game’s vibrant mix of farming, exploration, RPG, and adventure game mechanics while working to build their own thriving town. As more players pre-register, more in-game rewards will be unlocked, which should make it easier to produce and farm crops, trade goods, explore, and defend citizens from evil Trolls that are bent on causing harm and havoc.

Fantasy Town has players taking on the role of a Lord reluctantly governing over Arsendal. They will construct, manage, and upgrade various buildings, farmland, crops and more to help this new land flourish and keep their citizens happy. While the town works to gather materials, players can summon citizens to explore an exciting and diverse continent and dungeons in search of rare resources. Special events will also be held regularly in-game that will reward participants that take part in several minigames, such as puzzles, runners, and building a tower using various in-game items.

Players looking to pre-register for the iOS version will not be able to do so at this time, but gamigo plans to offer rewards for those users when Fantasy Town releases in 2022.

To learn more about Fantasy Town, visit its official website.
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